Pregnancy Care

Antenatal Care

Designed to monitor your health and to check for any factors that may affect your baby. Aside from blood pressure checks, weight monitoring and urine analysis, each trip to the doctor is designed to be an opportunity to openly discuss any concerns. We stress the importance of your active involvement in our pursuit to provide customised care.

As you progress in your pregnancy, we strive to provide you with evidence-based information to help you make well-informed decisions.

Intrapartum Care

Provided once labour starts and you are on your way to delivery. This involves close monitoring to ensure your safety and that of your baby.


Postnatal Care

Focuses on the mother as her body eases back into its pre-pregnant state. As new moms are tossed into the unwavering needs of their newborn, her own recovery takes a back seat and she is faced with many challenges. Guidance and monitoring from a certified professional obstetrician is necessary for a faster and safer recovery.

Postnatal care also involves proper perineal hygiene, breast care and a detailed family planning discussion for optimal birth spacing.

As you go through this delicate process, proper care and monitoring is essential, which also calls for the need of a certified OB-GYN. Dr. Pamela Tan  aims to provide a positive experience for mother and child through a personalised care throughout each pregnancy milestone. To learn more about these services that are customised to your needs, book your consultation today!