Colposcopy and Treatment of Pre-Cancer (CIN) of the Cervix

Colposcopy is a procedure where the doctor examines your vulva, vagina, and cervix with the use of a colposcope (an instrument designed with a magnifying glass to provide a better view of the cervix). This procedure is usually performed if your pap smear renders unusual results.

Colposcopy is relatively painless. It involves the insertion of a speculum into the vagina, similar to that used when conducting a pap smear. Acetic acid is then applied on the area, after which the doctor will be able to examine the area. In some cases, a biopsy may have to be done for further evaluation. The results will determine the next course of action that the doctor would advise.

Pre-Cancer treatment of the cervix includes several methods. It includes:


Cone biopsy with laser or knife


Laser Vaporization


LEEP (Loop electrosurgical excision procedure)

Any threats that relate to cancer should be acted upon now. Prompt care and treatment is the key to better survival and management. Book an appointment with Singapore Gyneacology Specialist, Dr. Pamela Tan, today.