Labour and Delivery with Individualised Birth Plans

Labour is defined by three stages, with each phase characterized by different emotions and physical challenges. It starts with the onset of true labour until the cervix has completely dilated to 10 centimeters. The second stage is the period after the cervix has fully dilated until the baby is delivered. Meanwhile, the third stage is marked by the delivery of the placenta.

Even though labour and delivery follow a certain process, the birth of a child is a unique experience. No two deliveries are identical and there is no way to predict how a woman’s experience is going to play out. However, one can know the different stages of the birth process and what to expect generally.

As the mother progress through the mechanisms of labour, close monitoring is important to ensure her safety and that of her baby. This will include:

Maternal vital signs
Assessment of fetal well-being
Abdominal examination
Fetal presentation
Monitoring of the frequency, duration, and intensity of uterine contractions
Pelvic examination

A birth plan can be a step towards a positive birthing experience. It contains simple and clearly stated information that details an expectant mother’s preferences for the birth of her baby. This will serve as an effective tool for a woman and her doctor in preparation for the labour and delivery process.

An advantage of having a personalized birth plan is that it helps a mother maintain her focus and sense of calm even if unexpected events occur. Labour and childbirth can be physically and emotionally stressful, especially for first-time mothers, but a birth plan can help her to be more prepared.

A birth plan may specify on matters regarding pain management, episiotomy preferences, and even care immediately following birth. This may even include contingency plans such as assisted instrumental delivery in cases where childbirth needs to be expedited during the second stage of labour.

While a birth plan details an expectant mother’s preferences, it is important that she also maintains reasonable flexibility for unexpected occurrences. It is important that both mother and child receive the necessary care so that they come out of each stage safe and healthy.


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The MediSave Maternity Package can help ease maternity costs because it can help defray delivery and pre-delivery expenses. This package can be used in public and private hospitals with the following withdrawal limits:

  • Up to $900 for pre-delivery medical expenses
  • Up to $450 for each day in the hospital
  • An additional surgical withdrawal limit between $750 and $2,150 depending on the type of delivery procedure


You can make your claim for delivery expenses under the MMP through these 3 steps: 

  1. Keep all your receipts for all your pre-delivery care (e.g. pre-natal consultations, tests, ultrasound scans, and medications).
  2. Present the receipts to the hospital where you baby is delivered. 
  3. The hospital will help you claim both the delivery and pre-delivery expenses under the MediSave Maternity package. 


 Follow these 3 easy steps to make your claim for delivery expenses under the MMP:

  1. Keep all your receipts for pre-delivery care, including pre-natal consultations, ultrasound scans, tests and medication.
  2. Present the receipts to the hospital where your baby was delivered.
  3. The hospital will help you claim both the delivery and pre-delivery expenses under the MediSave Maternity Package.


Dr Pamela Tan is affiliated with Thomson Medical Centre. You can go over their LIST of maternity packages alongside the maximum and additional MediSave claimable. This will give you an idea of the extra amount you need to pay for hospital bills and surgeon fees, when necessary. 


Make sure that you are in good hands as you progress through labour and delivery. Obstetricians, like Dr. Pamela Tan recognises the importance of a personalized birth plan, which is why we encourage patients to openly discuss their preferences and concerns. So come and let’s talk! Book your consultation with us today.